Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Appreciate the Home Team:

One of the MOST important, yet simple, things a leader can do is show direct appreciation for the team they lead. The team is the MOST valuable asset of the vision, to the organization’s mission, and to the overall dream!                                      Here are a few reasons why:

>The team are the individuals who have accepted your vision to be their vision. 

Every one has a dream, a vision or goal, and a way they would like to change the world. However, only a few select and elite percent of people chase their dreams while the rest of the population helps them build it. Your “dream team” is an accumulation of people who have adopted your vision and made it their every day job. Meanwhile, their dreams remain on the backburner, typically from the fear that you once expereinced yet superceeded.

>The team keeps your vision in motion.

They are the daily hands and feet of the company, making sure the day to day tasks are aligning with the end in mind, with your mission in the forefront. They are the nuts and bolts of your dream, bringing all of the differerent necessary departments and required skills together to make the “dream machine”. You know?…that thing that helps you attain your vision and be successful with the mission.

 >The team can do things you can’t do.

Each team member has a special skill and area of strength the other team members don’t have, including you! That’s what makes each person so valuable. Independently, each individual can not use only their gifts to achieve the goal with you; however, when people with specific strengths are strategiclly placed in an area of their skill set, there is a broad level of specialty and knowledge acquired within the organizaiton that one individual alone simply can not deliver. It’s very much like the human body: While each member of our bodies play a vital and very important role, key to our ability to exisit, they can not perform alone. They require the combined efforts of other body parts in order to function at their maximum capacity. The same applies for a company or organization that expects to be progressive and sustained.

>The team IS the organizaiton.

Simply put…you can not do it all on your own! Your team members are not only your employees, they are your biggest supporters! They give you the most valuable resource they have daily…their time! Before people respect a vision, they  respect the leader first. If you have a team supporting you, chances are they respected you before dedicating themselves to your mission. Why else would they spend countless hours helping you build your dream? Don’t lose that respect. It will prove itself fatal to your organizaiton.

>No team = No dream.

Have you even been involved with or heard of an organization that experiences a ‘high staff retention rate’?  This basically means the leader is not able to sustain longer terms of support and commitment from the team members they are leading. The leader is constanly hiring because team members are constantly deciding they no longer have the desire to support their leader’s mission. Nine times out of ten, a team member has not changed their mind about their overall agreement with the vision or mission. Chances are, the relationship between the leader and the teammate has become stale or unhealthy, and the teammate no longer feels relevant to their leader. Instability in the team creates a plethora of reasons that make it extremely difficult to execute an operation that yields the same vision. Not to mention, if you are always losing team members, who is going to help you sustain the day to day activities required to keep the organization in motion at an appropraite speed?


Understand this…

The success of an organization or company is co-dependant on the health of the relationship between the leader and their supporting team members. A good leader understands basic human behavior and their innate need for praise or affirmation from those leading them. People desire to feel appreciated for their dedication and that their commitment to the mission is not in vein.

The most amazing thing about the idea of showing your supporting team basic appreciation is that it can cost NOTHING but a few minutes of your time:

  • Kind words are free
  • Kind gestures are free
  • Face to face communication is free
  • An emial/phone call is free, etc, etc…

Taking a few minutes of time to show graditude towards the people who dedicate countless hours to building your dreams is a non-negotiable. It may not cost you anything, but it is worth EVERYTHING.

CLICK HERE to check out an INCREDIBLE act of appreciaiton this leader and CEO has choosen to show his team! This is a man who values and cares for the people who have helped build his dream. He obvioulsy knows his comapny would not exisit without their skill, effort, time, and dedication to him as a leader. What an amazing way to pay it forward!

Mad Love to you and your ability to be GREATER,





Create Your Life

Listen up…


2014…ohh 2014…it was rough to say the least.
To sum it up the sweetest way possible: IT WAS FUCKING AWFUL!!!
>Self Certainty/Confidence
…and the list goes on.

I was unsure of what life what supposed to be, what I was supposed to do in it, and even where it was going. One moment I would be happy because things were looking up; then the next I would be ready to burst out in tears because some things I just couldn’t understand. I graduated high school, went to college, got married, had kids, and did all the other cookie cutter expectations society had for me. It just still wasn’t enough to create a fulfilling happiness in my soul. Does anyone else know that feeling??

The damn bills were coming through our mailbox faster than I could even call the first company to make a payment. I don’t think I’ve argued with someone so much over buying a $3 item as much as I did with my husband that year. The stress of not being sure if there would be enough income coming in to pay the basics was enough to make anyone want to run into the first hole in the ground and stay there. Forever.

Depression ate me away like CRAZY!! I hated my body and what it had become. There wasn’t any number of people that could tell me that “I look good” to take away the misery and UGH I felt towards my self. The utter disgust I had as I pinched the fat on my sides over, and over, and over every night seemed daunting and endless.

With all this going on you can only imagine my level of self certainty and confidence…it was nearly non existent. And energy?? I had enough energy to take care of my kids basic needs, make a coffee, and then get back in bed to sleep away the pain and prevent the next break down. Sleep it all away until the next day. I wanted SO much more for my kids, my family, my life. I wanted to feel FREE!! You know?? Have freedom in my choices. Freedom in what I could provide as a mother and wife. Freedom in the desire to fulfill my passions.

…and then one day it all changed.

I met my girl Andrea a year or so ago and reading about how she took nearly nothing and CREATED the life she wanted for her family amazed me. Like really??
A normal girl, with a story just like mine, changed her OWN life…and for a few moments of time I believed that I could too.

So I did…
…and so can you.

If any of these feelings seem all too familiar then I understand you! If you always lay down at night with a heavy weight on your chest, I’ve been there too! If figuring out how to pay the bills is ALWAYS on your mind, I know the thought! If feeling worthless and like an awful parent lingers around you because you always have to tell your family “no” to fun things, I know the bondage.

The crazy thing is that YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!! If you believe that you are WORTH having the all the things you want to be FREE from bondage and to OBTAIN FREEDOM then you’re already half way there! I can show you the path, give you all the tools and resources, show you the way, SUPPORT YOU THE WHOLE WAY…
BUT there’s just one thing…you have to bring the hustle. You have to want to succeed as much as you want to breathe…when you feel that burn inside of you, you will be able to fiercely recreate your life by YOUR DESIGN.


Change is difficult…but not changing is fatal. Release your inner BADASS along side me and let’s rock this out together!

Mad love to you and your ability to be great.



Because what I do now will dictate my children’s futures, my personal, financial, relationship, business and developmental goals deserve their own space in my house…ON THE WALL. A space where I can see them everyday to keep myself focused on my WHY…we all get side tracked at times and that’s okay; it’s human nature right?
But what’s NOT okay is for you to sell yourself short, to talk yourself out of being better, to convince yourself that “you can’t”, to  give up on your dreams because you let your fears get in the way..


People every single day are looking to steal some one else’s happiness,joy, and success. HOW DARE YOU go and rob YOURSELF of your own!!

You’re better than that. Believe it! You deserve better and so do your loved ones.

Want to create a vision board like this to help keep you focused but unsure where to start?? Comment below or email me! I’ll help you get started 🙂

I would love nothing more than to give you a nice little shove towards the direction of FREEDOM!


Mad love to you & your ability to be GREATER. Xo

The “Should-Heads” & the “How-Heads”

Something you will learn about me on this journey together is that I’m ALWAYS trying to expand my horizons, learn something new, personally develop my self and my team, and always seeking wise counsel…I want to be the BEST me so that I can give the best back to others in return. I read or listen to personal development daily and I nurture that by having Sunday dates at my local Barnes & Noble (probably only because they have Starbucks but at least I’m making it there, right??). My girlfriend and I have a goal to read 52 books this year; that’s 4.33 books a month if you’re trying to calculate it in your head right now. Needless to say, my bookshelf is going to be ON POINT come December 31.

Like a normal American, I generally buy books that I know I’m going to like because one of my favorite authors wrote them, however this past Sunday on my Barnes & Noble date I took a risk and picked up a new book by a new author. Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden. I read one of the most powerful messages today that I had the opportunity to share with an old friend, and I now want to share with you. Here’s how I sum it up:

There is ONE question that people approach at different pivotal points in their lives that specifically dictate their ability to confront, effectively manage, and commit to something beyond what we’re each personally comfortable with; the question you approach depends on your mind set. One breed of people(the SHOULD-heads) will approach the situation and ask themselves, “SHOULD I do this?”. The other breed of people (the HOW-heads) ask, “HOW can I overcome this?” When you are able to approach the situation/conflict as a “HOW-head”, you immediately subconsciously begin use the creative part of your brain to figure out how to super cede the situation as if there are NO other options but to continue to the goal. On the flip side, the “SHOULD-heads” approach the conversation with an immediate reaction to regain their comfort level and what they already know. They have already began to weigh risk and reward, as if they don’t believe they have the ability to overcome to risk to get the reward to begin with. It’s a crippling mind set and is the reason why so many people live average lives…they can’t escape their average thoughts.

Man! Is that not some powerful shit? How many times have we found ourselves to be a “SHOULD-head”?? I know I have more times then I care to admit…

Furthermore, how many times are we going to rob ourselves of opportunity and success? Isn’t that what we all want after all? To do better? To be better?

I say all this to you to say that I KNOW you ARE a “HOW-head”…that you have the ability to see conflict and circumstances as speed bumps rather than road blocks. That you have a little burning fire inside of you that can defy ALL odds against you if you let it! With self-discipline, determination and a “HOW-head” you can shatter every glass ceiling. I promise.

I couldn’t pass up sharing these words as I know there are so many people who are “SHOULD-heads” when they SHOULDN’T be! We were created to be resilient, to be greater. The difference between successful people and average people is that ONE question. It’s such a simple question that creates such a discomfort.

I dare you to want more for yourself and your family. I dare you to BELIEVE that you can be successful like every one else you hear about. I dare you to have a dream and chase after it. I dare you to be a “HOW-head”

BE Bold. BE Fearless. BE Courageous.

Mad love for you & your ability to be to be greater.illusions

What’s with the big, dumb, ugly shirt?


||T||W||O|| things…

1. I’m so glad that work out is >>OVAAA<<

2. What’s with the BIG, ugly, :dumb: shirt?

Something I learned FROM successful people ABOUT successful people is this:

>They strategically place reminders at different locations/areas they cross daily to ensure that they are always reminded of their WHY & they’re always reminded of their VISION….it keeps you moving in the right direction and picks you up when you start to feel like shits just hitting the fan.

So, the shirt…
When I first DECIDED(<— that means it took effort) to live a healthier lifestyle, this shirt was a wee bit snug on me..snug enough that I would NOT be caught dead in it outside of my doorstep. But, it was comfortable and so I worked out in it all the time…
Anyways! After developing some healthier habits through ‪#‎21Dayfix‬ and drinking my‪#‎Shakeology‬ daily, I lost weight and the shirt now looks the way you see it in the picture. While I realize it would be super beneficial to have a ‘before’ picture, I just don’t. I wasn’t thinking the way I do now at that point in time (progress!!) so your imagination of this being tight will just have to make due. Just imagine a baby elephant and you’ve basically got the right idea. At any rate, the shirt no longer fits me obviously.
After my second round of 21 day fix I felt like I hit a plateau, and naturally, became a little bummed out and discouraged. I was feeling SOOO good through the first two rounds!! Mama was getting her groove back! Fucking FINALLY!!
However, when I stopped seeing visual results in the way my body looked, I lost sight of my WHY & my VISION….worked out here and there, drank Shakeology when I remembered, got lazy…you get the point.


Where were my daily reminders? Did I no longer WANT to feel good about my body?? What was reminding me of my vision??
And then the PERFECT idea came to me…the shirt. The shirt that at one point didn’t fit me now floats on me with no purpose, or so I thought…
And then it slapped me like Indiana winters…the lesson I learned!

>>SUCCCESSFUL PEOPLE strategically place reminders to keep themselves in order, lined up with their WHY, their VISION<<

…and this shirt became just that.
I STILL wear this shirt to work out in, not because it hides what I’m still insecure about, but because it reminds me of my WHY & my VISION. It keeps me focused on the right things and prevents my fears from creeping in.

So if I had to leave you with a final thought, it would be to ask yourself this:

What are you doing to move your OWN SELF out of the way?? How are you reminding yourself DAILY of what you want and why you want it?? Is your VISION at the forefront? What’s that thing you can strategically place around to keep you on track and focused?

If you want to be successful, you gotta do what successful people do…


The first post…ever.

I’ll have you know that I actually created this WordPress account nearly two years ago…Yes, that’s right. TWO years ago. What took me so long to write my first blog you ask?


I was convinced for two years (clearly that’s the woman in me) that you don’t start something like this unless you think you are going to be consistent and relevant (and the OCD/Anxiety in me). You know?? Write ‘x’ number of times a week, have a certain agenda for publishing, make sure you had a few ideas of what the hell to even blog about…things like that. Then I woke up last week with blogging heavy on my mind, more than normal.

Let me explain…(rewinding life)

When I was a younger girl in elementary and middle school (see how I did that?? I’m still young now too, no confusions), I used to write humorous chapter books for fun; I would draw the pictures on each page too. Junie B. Jones was my favorite to recreate. I was always in the advanced writing classes like Journalism or Creative Writing in school and I was positive writing was in my future…It’s what came naturally to me and flowed through my soul.

(Fast forwarding back to now…obviously still not writing anything) When I woke up the other day I kept asking myself, “Why aren’t you blogging?” And then I would respond, to myself (like normal of course), with some lame ass excuse as to why I’m not just doing what I WANT and love to do. Things like, “I’m not ready because I don’t have a plan or subject agenda for it.”

(Insert record screech here)

Yo! What’s the point of having a blog to word vomit random thoughts on if the thoughts aren’t random? Totally counteractive and against the natural process.

So, this is the first post…ever. 

My hopes is that someone out there can relate to this and feel inspired by my transgression…That they can relate to having fear or being scared to step outside their comfort zone but do it any ways. I read this quote one time and it stuck with me:

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” – Jack Canfield

That is some of the realist shit I’ve ever heard.

Our minds know no confines, limits, or boundaries except for the ones we create ourselves; It’s not the world that we have conflict with, but our own internal fears and uncertainties. We talk ourselves out of our own dreams and doubt our abilities before we even try! We rob ourselves of our success and sabotage our opportunity to be great. 

If you want things you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done.

So, this is the beginning of my blogging journey with you.

No agenda, no strategy, no plan or general topic…it’s just us. I’m choosing to be brave and I want you to be brave with me. Until next time…

Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Courageous.

Mad Love,                                                                                                                                     Xo